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Black and White Photography Magazine Made in HongKong
Authored by Duncan Cheuk-sang Wong

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Editor's Pick

Intuitive and impressive images created by Zosia Zija from Poland. 'There are stories, which are untold.' Let your feeling lead your way into the inner part of Zosia's mind.

A testimony on cheap toy camera, big fun and great pictures. Online community delivering DIY tips, gallery, and forum, makes a strong statement to our Hi Tech era. About its publications :
- toycamera
- Toy Camera Handbook
- Lightleaks Magazine
- Toy Camera Calendar

Troy Paiva captures the poetic images of ghost towns at night. Those desert areas witnessed the 'death of America', which should belong to another world.

A continuous question posed in Misha Gordin's works. Conceptual and surreal images by composition in traditional dark room, full of fear and confusion in the endless pursue of this unanswered question.

Touching portrait of Indians, the diminishing race. A long term documentary by Michael David Kennedy.

Jeff T Alu spent his time in listening to desert, and recorded what he saw on the road, about the decaying giant of the past.
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RedBull illume

The worldwide competition of the best action and adventure sports photographs around the globe. Visit RedBull for details on submission (until 31Jan2010), and there is a gallery of excellent works from final images of 2007.
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No place is boring, if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film. - Robert Adams
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I can never tell you what I will say here only because they have not happened yet. It is an unfinished series, with continuous update. What is the interaction between imagination and reality ? Seeing is believing.
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